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Wow! Where do I start?! CW Ceramics is the best!! Their inventory is astounding--they have the biggest selection of bisqueware and greenware I've ever seen. They also have a huge warehouse full of molds and several kilns. It is owned and operated by a kind and helpful female veteran (bonus points ) who has extensive knowledge of the ceramics craft and artistry of glazing. This place is the real deal! Not only is their service wayyy more affordable than the competition, but it's much better too!! The experience was not only fun, but it was also educational! My kids and I learned about the skill and technique involved in ceramics, and the owner lent us her personal assistance the entire time we were there, whether she was helping refill our paint trays, discussing ceramics classes, or teaching us how to apply glaze to achieve a desired outcome, we felt very fortunate to be in her care. Having that 1:1 guidance from a skilled professional is so incredible. This is why it's always best to choose local businesses like this one over chains and franchises. CW has wonderful service, a wonderful space, and wonderful product! We can't wait to go back!!!!


The owners are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Cannot wait to create something cool.


Best ceramics painting place I have ever been to. The people were friendly and very helpful. Even gave us a tour and showed my kids the various steps to creating the many, many items available to paint.

We took my mom there as a birthday present to do as a family so we had 6 people and did 7 projects. The prices are on the projects and include everything you need. Amazing and wonderful and made it much easier for me when picking up the tab for our group. We will definitely go back when we are in town as I can't wait to see the new options for painting each time.

Looking for a unique ceramics place this is it. A fun solo or group activity.... Even for those who claim not to be creative.... Like my sister who painted an adorable frog.


I'm a new "regular" of CW Ceramics. I have past painting experience but am new to the world of ceramics. Very welcoming environment with many highly experienced regulars (certified instructors) willing to give advice. My 8-year-old loves coming here, and so do I. Prices are marked on the bottom of each item ($9+). The price you see is the price you pay. No extra surprise fees for materials or studio time. They'll store partially finished projects so you don't feel rushed to finish.

They are cash or check only though so come prepared!


They are very friendly...Their prices are very reasonable....Love their Diva Nites once a month! fun times.....


awesome people who truly want you to have a wonderful experience! 10/10 would recommend.



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